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Fetish Friendly Phone Sex 1-877-202-3312

Fetish Friendly Phone Sex where anything and everything goes!



Breathless Desires 1-866-660-HOTT (4688)

Breathless Desires



Sissy Boy Phone Sex 1-877-SISSY-10 (747-7910)

Sissy Boy Phone Sex ... You may not have a pussy but you WILL feel like one!



Breathless Romance 1-866-897-6622

Breathless Romance



Taste This Tranny 1-888-680-3009

Taste This Tranny



Freaks of Phone Sex 1-888-8-FREAKS (837-3257)

Freaks of Phone Sex



Passionate and Powerful 1-888-767-7686

Passionate and Powerful



Cock Curious 1-866-660-COCK (2625)

Cock Curious



Deviant Dicks 1-866-433-HARD (4273)

Deviant Dicks



Bushy Beauties 1-888-69-BUSHY (692-8749)

Bushy Beauties


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