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Finally the kids are at school all day and I have time to myself! This means I can indulge in my favorite things uninterrupted: Phone, food and fucking! Of course, by looking at me, you can tell how much I love to eat; I've been the fattest girl around all my life and no matter how often they tell me to lose weight, I just can't. Give up food? Never! As I got older, I found the boys liked me because I'd fuck them anytime they asked. I didn't say "no" to them or to food. I've never been one to deny myself two of my greatest pleasures.

It wasn't until I was in my mid 20's that I learned there were real words for what aroused me and made me tick. When I learned about feeders and feedees, I identified myself as a feedee immediately. I find food very sexual and when I would be in the middle of binge eating, I'd notice how wet and horny I was getting. I'd eat and eat and then masturbate until I came over and over again. That's right, I am multi-orgasmic, at least under the right circumstances - food! Bring me chocolate and your hard cock and we'll both be happy and spent in no time.

My husband knows my appetites for food and sex are huge and, unfortunately, he is just not enough for this self-proclaimed BBW Feedee Whore Wife.

If you like the idea of fucking me while my husband is home, just call me any evening. If he has been a good boy, he may be allowed to listen to me come through the bedroom door.

Even better, I would love to walk into the living room and tell him how much more some of you can satisfy me on the phone than he can in real life! I can see his clammy palms sweating on his TV remote. So funny. I hope you're a good feeder AND a good fucker - if not, I may force you to witness me getting fed and fucked by a better man, just like I do to my husband.

Are you ready for your shot?
Feed me and fuck me right! Fran is waiting for your call.

Fran's Specialties Include:


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